wardrobe evaluation ~ edit ~ clean out

This is THE BEST way to get to know your personal style & interests and what you gravitate towards. Do you often feel like you have NOTHING to wear but have a closet full of clothes?  So many people feel this way…. And all you need is a fresh pair of eyes in your closet – ME!!!  During this “clean out”,  I am exposed to your entire wardrobe at this time and I realize this can be a very personal and uncomfortable thing.  I try to make you feel as comfortable as possible with focusing on the positives that I find, while still weeding out the “not so positive” items (not the Stacy & Clinton way, ie “What Not to Wear”). I go through every single item in the closet and take inventory.  We will make separate piles for repair / alterations, donating, consigning, etc.  During this process, I will offer style advice on dressing your age, dressing your shape, & uncover any ruts you may have fallen into, etc.

We will decide together what looks good on you and how you feel in your current wardrobe, and what you might be missing.  I will help you find new ways to “wear your clothes” and new outfit combinations, as well as offer a tip list of what you “need” to update your wardrobe and be more current.   I also offer assistance on how you can arrange your wardrobe and be more organized as well.  

Usually this process takes approximately 4 hours for an average size closet but could take longer, depending on how many closets you have filled!   I urge you to take notes during this time.   I can also take photos of outfits we put together, with shoes, accessories, etc …  and make a LOOKBOOK.  This is a service that my clients love and it’s a great way to help you get dressed on a daily basis and help you remember how many outfits you really do have!  

After we clean out and organize, many of my clients choose for me to shop with them at a later date.   I can also shop online for you and send you links of items that I find. (**see Personal Shopping)

I want this process to be fun and about making you feel more confident, beautiful and current in her daily wardrobe, and “Finding your own CHIC”. 

personal shopping

Do you typically feel overwhelmed when going into a store or feel like the sales person there is trying to talk you into buying everything you try on, but you just don’t feel like it looks quite right?  This is where I can help!!  Beginning with a Wardrobe Evaluation first is highly recommended, for the “full experience”.  Although, some clients might prefer to have a brief meeting in their closet first, for me to have a quick peek of what you already have and for me to be able to ask sizing, style and needs questions, etc.   When getting down to the actual shopping, I prefer to go to the shops ahead of time and pull some items in your size before you join me.   On several occasions, clients will say they love what I pulled and would have never known how to wear that piece or outfit!  This makes my day!!  

Lastly, I assist with your old favorites and new pieces getting mixed & matched until you start feeling amazing about your newly improved wardrobe!  My goal, as your professional shopper, is to build your wardrobe the right way with your personal style, while saving you a lot of headaches, returned items, never worn items and most of all money!!

packing services

Planning a trip is so much fun, but packing for a trip can be another entire experience for many people…. And most people I know wait until the last minute, which makes them feel rushed and anxious just hours before a trip!  I can help make packing pleasant and fun, by carefully choosing the right outfits, shoes and accessories, without over packing. You will feel so prepared when you arrive at your destination and not waste any time worrying about your vacation wardrobe, and focus on relaxing, exploring, or whatever you have planned!   I will also teach you how to always have a packed bag of “security friendly toiletries”, so that you never are scrambling at the last minute to stuff your giant shampoo bottles into your carry on, and praying they don’t stop you!

 speaking engagements

I can visit your home or business and conduct an educational style session or talk on how to update your look, how to do a closet edit, pack for a trip or dressing professionally for success.  The sky is the limit on topics we can discuss and make it a fun occasion. 

gift certificates

Give the gift of “finding your own chic” and style.  Gift certificates are available in increments of $200 and above.  I can also put customized, packages together for clients who want to take advantage of several of my services.  Giving the thoughtful gift of Wardrobe Made Simple for birthdays, Mothers day, Fathers day or Christmas is an experience that keeps on giving.